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Evolution, Science, Creation
and their Problems.

Picture of ATP motor.

There is one in everycell
 of your body to produce ATP 
the cell energy fuel.
 Spins at 10,000 RPM! F1-ATPase Motor
Picture of the smallest known rotary motor, just 10nm across and 8nm high. From the top down:- Actin filament (being spun around anticlockwise as shown by the arrowed circle) Streptavidin, y subunit = drive shaft, A3B3y subcomplex, A,B (pole like assemblies), His-tag, Coverslip (glass) coated with Ni-NTA.

For a later and more complex diagram go to
And also the Directory

Consider the complexity involved.
Could evolution accidentally make this?

See Moths and bacteria page. __________________

Nasobema lyricum (after Stumpke)From H.Wurmbach, R.Siewing. Lehrbuch der Zoologie Bd. 1 Verlag Fischer, Stuttgart-New York, 1985 p543.

I want people to look closely at the scientific merits of some of the claims about evolution and creation. The aim of this page is to correct some of the claims of support for evolution or creation. To keep the theories scientific, you have to keep out the errors and hype that many are eager to promote. It is only by investigating the basis of these that you can avoid basing your belief, life style and activities on claims that won't stand up to scientific reason. It could be very embarrassing to find that the proofs you are espousing are just hopeful theories or beliefs.
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Cambrian and intermediates

Why are all the intermediates between species missing?
Also the Cambrian Precursors are Missing??

How did the Cambrians spring up so suddenly from virtually nothing, with so many new designs?

Passover: Jesus' week
Once you realise that evolution cannot explain the start of life, nor the progress to higher complexity of life, as the required intermediates are always missing, you may want to know what Jesus did for you so you can live in heaven with him.
alternatively you may be wondering on what day was Jesus crucified
There are arguments put forward by various people for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and this file clarifies the situation.

Venter Institute research overview.
Venter Institute copy of DNA of Mycoplasma mycoides
JCVI-syn1.0 operates in a reproducing cell.
Hailed as a great breakthrough by evolutionists seeking answers to the start of life.

At last! Science prevails!
At last! Science prevails!
The ENCODE PROJECT has revealed startling complexity in the DNA.

Intelligent design? The "junk" DNA is actually the most important part.
Old religious superstition dies!

The purpose of evolution
The purpose of evolution
Why is there such an urgent push to indoctrinate everyone with evolution instead of allowing free will, and scientific discussion?
Who designed the designer?
Richard Dawkins and the "God Delusion".

Richard could not see any evidence for a Designer.

Dawkins rubbished the whole idea of Intelligent Design, because it does not attempt to give proof of a designer. But he also attacks christians because they claim to know the Designer. Bill Gates, Francis Crick and and others have information that can help to clarify the claims.

The ENCODE impact on evolution theory.
Richard Dawkins "pond scum" evolution teaching and its effects on society. The usefulness of evolution teaching for physics, technology, empirical science etcetera. Conflict with intelligent design, ID.

Big Bang, Redshift and Start of life.
Thinking outside the "box" of scientific data most are brought up on helps your understanding of how it effects your life. Because it shapes your life onto a path for good or bad, it is important to be sure you set upon a good lifestyle.

Methinks it is like a weasel.
Did Richard Dawkins prove that life is just an unguided random accident?     Is evolution so simple to explain?
Can a scientifically manufactured computer, programed to make choices qualify as an example of real life random unguided events?

We are taught that evolution is true.
So why not have open discussions about ID, we may be able to correct their foolishness.

We should have open discussion, as it would benefit science.
Stop wasting time arguing about who is right, let everyone say what they believe and when the dust settles the truth will stand out!

(A TIME cover story)

Investigating the basis of their article against intelligent design.

At last I have found out what canine teeth are for.
They are not for tearing off lumps of meat
as often claimed.

Threat of sea ice melting and raising the sea level. Massive areas of sea ice will not raise the sea level when they melt, as they already displace their weight and volume of water.

Urgent help needed: are running a program discrediting Evolution by asking questions they think we cannot answer fully. Find the chink in their armour. Sock it to them, politely!
Then answer as scientifically as you can, and politely to impress them with how nice we are, and add your bit to demolish their campain. You may need to do some research first, but that helps you to understand your position.
If you are at school or Uni perhaps you can do it as a project with others. Possibly your teacher/lecturer may have some references that could help you for the particular point you want to support. Join the fight and do your part.

The 15 questions are listed in this file.
Read the summary of the 15 Questions here.

See: To see the full text.

The first DNA, RNA. Prospects of the first natural event to produce life.
The scientific probabilities, and complexities. Could it disprove intelligent design?

How evolution is propelled by mutations, and extra copies.
The latest scientific research throws a surprising new light on the situation. Could ID apply?

Rising sea level and Global Warming
Were we able to stop the encroach of ice in the middle ages?
Tuvalu islands swamped by rising sea, or sinking land?
What is the real cause?

Science verses Creation.
The pros and cons of the basic claims. Is evolution as scientific as claimed, can creation be ruled out? Could the claims of ID conceivably get support?

Evolution comes into its own when it makes you feel good, and helps your conscience ride over your problems.
Why you may believe evolution, but do you understand the claims.
Do you dare to reason out if the claims could be true? Do you know the arguments against intelligent design?

The reason for the debate and the heated arguments!
Evolution, intelligent design, God. How they effect our society, our morals, our wellbeing, our childrens future, and our nations prosperity.

(Time August 15, 2005.) Cover heading:
The push to teach "intelligent design" raises a question:
Does God have a place in science class?

A sceptic's guide to intelligent design.
New Scientist, 9 July 2005

An intelligent consideration of their article.

Defending Evolution from Religion
Keeping religion out of science,

Three aspects of science and evolution.
How what is taught in schools can mislead students, as they are taught what to think, and believe, in a limited area, but not how to think things through properly. They need to be confronted with the claims of intelligent design so they have to learn HOW to reason things out.

Beetles, complexity and clouds.
A response to "Bombardier Beetles and the Argument of Design" Copyright ? 1997 by Mark Isaak at The Talk.Origins Archive.

The response covers:-
Evolution and the Design Problem.
Irreducible complexity.
Bombardier Beetles.
Complexity:- Clouds and Caves.
Complexity:- Crystals.
Molecular level research.
Blood clotting and mousetraps.
Media misrepresentation.

Rebuttal and solar radiation.

A rebuttal of a paper by Frank Steiger entitled:
"Rebuttal to Tim Wallace's Web Page Remarks"


  • Solar radiation causing entropy decrease.
  • Solar radiation not able to cause life.
  • Lack of "energy to information conversion factor".
  • Clarifying evolutionist application of radiation.
  • Thermodynamics of life.
  • Essentials of life, ATP, ADP, energy conversion.
  • Other science web page URLs.

Moths and bacteria.
  • Saltation.
  • Moths:- It wasn't true!
  • Bacterial Flagellum.
  • Rhinogradentia.
  • ATPase Motor.

Amazing reactions from cells, showing ability to discern near UVlight and move towards its source.
How could simple cells evolve such a mechanism? Does it involve a mental decision or is it hard wired to go to light?

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URLs with scientific information on the subject or guidance not based on hype.

True Origins.
The web site, True Origins, has a strong scientific basis covering the source of life, thermodynamics, biological origins, and includes many science references for most of the articles. Some of the research quoted within research papers on trueorigins is done by evolutionists who try to fit the data into evolution, and are puzzled because it often does not fit the theory, so some fanciful story telling is done to make it seem OK. However, the research papers on true origins usually show how it fits in logically, in accordance with the rules of science, which usually supports creation more than evolution.

If you have been snubbing God because you believe in evolution, you need to read about the many things that show that evolution cannot happen. One good evidence is the tiny acid driven rotary motor that is in every cell of your body, to produce ATP, from ADP, the cells energy fuel. Read "ATP The perfect Energy Currency for the Cell", and other evidence at:-

True Origin -Fascinating, easily understood data on evolution's problems. Presents the creationist side of the debate. Includes many articles and audio and video files of debates and discussions on the issue. Extensive scientific and general interest Articles, showing how well most science and fossils fit into the biblical perspective. Comments on evolutions problems and National Academy of Sciences (NAS), and Teaching about Evolution. A section on creation/evolution and some articles on prophesy, some of which is still ahead of us, showing that someone back then knew the future.

About family life and values:-
Focus on Family values - Guidance for a good life style, that is based on good principles.

Above Rubies -See the latest experiences and testimonies at Above Rubies.

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