Evolution proceeds by mutations and extra copies of genes.

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Evolution proceeds by mutations and extra copies of genes.

Charles Darwin set out the evolution theory, and how it progresses by small random steps, which is now the all pervasive belief in society, being entwined in many TV programs, books, school text books, the news media and now apparently, as education authorities are so confident that it is true, it is taught in the history classes, as well as biology classes .

The simple cell.
When Charles formulated his ideas, partly based on his grandfathers published writings on evolution, and other writer's publications, the scientific understanding of the simplest replication cell was that it was just a simple blob of protoplasm, as there were no microscopes that could show the details inside the cell.

The German Ernst Haeckel (1862-1909) was able to let his imagination run wild, and make up many false stories, and the still used fraudulent drawings of embryos which were proved fraudulent at the time, embryonic recapitulation is not true. Why should he have told the truth? At the time there was little scientific information, as investigation was only just starting, so it was difficult to disprove his many fraudulent claims that bolstered evolutionary belief.

Major proponent.
One present day major proponent of evolution is Richard Dawkins, who explains in his books how he claims that small changes are accumulated and eventually they produce a new function. His cleaver rhetoric is not supported by actual science, and is easily disproved if you go into the actual science being revealed by modern research. One of the examples he gives is "Me thinks it is like a weasel", where he has programmed a computer to randomly enter characters into each column, and then check to see if any of the letters are correct. Any that are, are kept, the rest are randomly changed and tested again. This must eventually get the correct preselected sentence, as the computer is programmed by an external intelligent entity to arrive at a predetermined result. Dawkins enthusiastically claims that this makes it so easy to understand how evolution works. But Dawkins also explains that evolution cannot know in advance what the result should be, it just has to accumulate mutations until they produce some effect that can be selected for, and so evolution progresses. With these two conflicting examples he has "shot himself in the foot" and proved that nothing he claims as truth should be believed, and none of his books are worth the bother of reading, as his logic is totally random, switching through contradicting claims in a meaningless way. Actually Richard Dawkins proved that intelligence is essential, an intelligently made computer (an intelligently made cell) plus an intelligent directive ie make this sentence (follow the program in the DNA) and a fore-ordained result is always achieved (a new cell is made). If Dawkins needed intelligence for his simple program then surely the cell needed intelligence to create it.

Science has progressed.
Science has come a long way since Darwin's time, and even the events and movements inside a cell can be watched, and many of the intricacies and machinery can be studied. One that has been researched for some years in the absolutely essential motor the resides in every cell of your body, and all living things, including the smallest replicating cell. Without the motor nothing lives! This was inconceivable in Darwin's time, that evolution could produce a wheel was inconceivable, let alone a motor that can spin at 10,000 RPM. The ATP synthhase motor is 20 nanometers across, (20 x one thousandth of a millionth of a meter, 20 billionths of a meter) and converts ADP to ATP by adding one phosphate, this is taken to where the energy is needed and one phosphate is knocked off, releasing energy, and the ADP is recycled. This is such a fantastic high-speed process that if you had to eat just ATP, you couldn't eat enough for your energy needs, actually more than your own weight each day.

The mutations are not driven by any system, and can occur anywhere, and not necessarily near another mutation. Therefore the possibility of them forming some useful novel information or mechanism is vanishingly small, in fact there has never been found an instance where mutations have made an improvement, by increasing useful information, control or a mechanism. Resistance to antibiotics and insecticides are because the loss of control over something, such as the ability to produce some chemistry that combats the drug or disinfectant or pesticide. It can be that an excessive quantity is produced, giving more protection at a serious cost, or not producing something the drug etc was to have reacted with. Left to compete with the original type the resistant type soon reduces to a small percentage of the population. As the DNA has an error correcting system the mutation is sometimes repaired in a later generation.

Extra copies of genes.
Supposedly, accidental extra copies can remain in a cell and eventually some accidental mutations, or the need of something similar to this gene is needed so it is put to work in a new task. but how would it get organised? Plants can cope with some of these accidental extra copies, even two complete copies of the DNA, which usually produces a new variety, but note that there is no new information produced, but a combination of both DNAs trying to control the plants growth. In humans Downs Syndrome is caused by an extra copy of a gene, obviously not an advantage. Any such errors will cause serious problems.

Direction of mutations.
There is one group of humans who are accumulating more mutations than usual, and it is becoming an obvious genetic load. Bradford's Royal Infirmary Hospital has identified more than 140 different recessive disorders among local children, compared to the usual 20-30. The Pakistani community intermarry, often cousins. When first cousins marry the chances of them both passing on just one variant (disorder causing) gene is one in eight, for other couples the estimate is less than one in a hundred. Across Britain the Pakistani community accounts for 30% of births with recessive disorders, despite representing only 3.4% of the national birth rate. This clearly shows that mutations, mistakes in the genetic code, destroy information, and always lead downhill to less viability, the exact opposite to what evolutionists claim builds up new information to produce new attributes, such as eyes, wings, lungs, blood system, etc, everything that wasn't in their claimed first replicating entity, which incidentally is too complex to come about naturally.

Variation within a kind.
Evolutionists usually point to the variations within a kind, which is limited to within a species, and extrapolate that beyond the species boundary claiming it could produce a new species. This would necessitate massive new design information, all at once, all accurate, so that the new variant would be viable, as any previous part-conversion would probably be non-viable, because of conflict with the old version trying to build both versions in the one creature. But there is no way that chemicals can produce new information on design, and evolutionists are adamant that there is no design, no foreknowledge to enable planing ahead, definitely no designer.

Latest DNA research.
New research is able to study the DNA in detail, and has shown the so called "junk" DNA is the actual program that is the information on how to run the cell and to find and copy the data for proteins etc from the DNA. The DNA is read both forwards and backwards, and data is sometimes gathered from several parts of the DNA, to get the required information. It jumps around much like a PC CPU jumps about in memory and hard disk, to get the correct piece of program to process the required information. There is no "junk' or redundant sections in the DNA, it is all there by design.

Dog breed dogs, sheep breed sheep, everything breeds after its own kind. Ancient fossils can often be matched up exactly with living species, as they have always bred after their own kind, never has there been found evidence of evolution, except in the minds of some ardent evolutionists. Fossils are usually given a name in honour of the finder, or place, and you are not told they are identical to their living descendants.

Evolution is dead in the water, an ancient myth dating back to the old Greek myths, and beyond, a stupidity in this modern age that holds back research, won't allow research into something because it is "vestigial", evolutionary left-over, redundant junk. By restricting research to trying to prove what is already known to be impossible, billions are wasted on useless projects, how did life evolve, evolutionary path to humans, SETI, etc, just because a small percentage of the population wants to avoid the truth, because of the obvious implications of there being a designer who has rules. We should do science, but real science, not evolutionary myths.

According to evolutionists
America is falling behind in scientific research.
Actually too much is being wasted on searching for "proof" of evolution, instead of researching what is actually there, how to understand it, and how it can be used for our benefit. (Probably the trouble is America invents something and gets it made overseas, so that country has the technology and sidesteps the patents, out produces USA and cripples USA's income). If you believe evolution there is no purpose, so why bother? Experiment with intimate personal relationships, take mind damaging drugs, value nothing, except your own personal pleasure. Evolutionary beliefs were behind the 1998 Colombine Massacre, and also other school murders. We live by what we believe, so society teaches evolution, and situation ethics as morals, ie: there is no basis for any moral values in the evolutionary belief. So society lives by its morals, and therefore dies by its morals, in increasing murders and mayhem and degradation of human values and worth. Death before birth, by the thousands, and then wonder why children find no value in and for themselves, no purpose to life. Why bother? Who cares? Was I lucky I was not aborted? Was I valued, am I still valued?

But God cares!
He always has! But you have to choose which side you are on, and apply for Gods love and care.
How to apply for Gods love and care, for free. You don't even have to tell anyone else until you have it, and are ready.
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This web site operated by:-Alfred.

Comments, criticisms and suggestions gratefully received. It helps to know what people want to know about.

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