Venter Institute copy of DNA operates in a reproducing cell.

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Venter Institute copy of DNA operates in a reproducing cell.

Man-made copy of DNA from Mycoplasma mycoides JCVI-syn1.0 genome
has booted up a cell for the first time, and kept reproducing!

This is the culmination of two and a half years of tests and adjustments, by highly specialised scientists on this particular project. Many years of research preceeded this, researching DNA, how to map out it's components, and then to experiment in how to join chemistry to make copies of sections of DNA.

"We all had a very good feeling that it was going to work this time," said Venter Institute synthetic biologist Daniel Gibson, co-author of the study published May 20 in Science. "But we were cautiously optimistic because we had so many letdowns following the previous experiments." ". . And that life is basically the result of an information process. Our genetic code is our software."
This is by far the longest length of man assembled DNA so far, 1.08-Mbp (million base pairs).
They only changed the DNA, and used the cell of closely related Mycoplasma capricolum, because its mechanism reproduces faster. So the cell wall and all the feeding and processing equipment of the cell was all natural, original to the cell they used as host.

Another way of looking at it is, if you take the engine out of a car, make a copy of it, and add some slight modifications to the engine, and then put it back in the car, and it operates correctly, you have proved you can manufacture an engine. You have not shown that you can make a car. Nor have you shown that you know how an engine works, or understand the design parameters of engines.

The Venter Institute copied existing DNA , they didn't invent it or understand its encoding, just how to make a copy, they added some markers, copied from other existing DNA, one DNA string was inserted to produce chemistry that will turn blue in response to chemistry they apply as a test, presumably copied from existing DNA in some other species. This helps to track the inserted DNA markers, showing that they are actually reproduced, and not deleted, as they might be if the main DNA had found fault and deleted them when reproducing.

The DNA is extremely complex, and data has to be obtained from several areas of the DNA for each protein, enzyme etc and for the particular one required some information is deleted from the RNA that is assembled, and then the reverse copy is made. This has to be folded, and then taken to where it is required. This is done by a separate traction engine that walks along on one of many tracks that go throughout the cell, and has to be replenished with energy all along the path. The energy used in the cell is ATP, which is made by the ATP synthase motor, which can turn at 10,000 rpm, converting three of ADP molecules to ATP each revolution. *ref1 & 2.

This whole expertise is built up with knowledge from many research institutes and scientists from all over the world, pooling their knowledge, and making it accessible to all researchers. This has been going on in the field of DNA research for many years, with various scientists researching their own niche.

Evolutionists are proclaiming loud and clear that if we can do it, this proves that God is not needed, this could all happen by a fantastic series of accidental chemical combinations. However the DNA chemistry is extremely difficult to assemble, easily destroyed, and all that complexity has to specify, not only how to make every sort of protein, hormone etc the cell will need, but must be protected from other unwanted chemistry. In life this is done by a cell wall, giving protection from the chemistry that supposedly was forming the DNA in some promordial pool or vent.

This requires energy to make the assembly, and some reactions require specific enzymes otherwise the reaction would not be able surpass the energy threshold required for the reaction to take place.

These enzymes would have to be formed by a living cell, since the specifications must be read from the DNA, they can never evolve in the natural wild environment, so not only must DNA have been formed correctly, but the reading mechanism, copying system, folding system, ATP Synthase motor to produce energy for reading and all processes, the feeding nutrient system, to fuel the motor, the ability to correctly produce only left-handed and only right-handed chemistry as required, since they must not be mixed, (all uncontrolled chemistry produces a mixture, which is fatal or damaging to life) and many other things, before DNA can be formed by a living organism, so it could never happen in the wild, never by accidental chemical processes, and most importantly scientists are now realising what has been obvious all along, there must be complex specified information in the DNA, and information can only come from an intelligent source.

You should research the possible source of this design information, as your eternal future is at stake, since the source has set the requirements for you to decide your eternal destination. See the files *Ref 3 & 4:

If it took so much research for highly skilled scientists to just make a copy of the DNA that still works, then what chance is there that it could happen by random chances in wild natural unguided chemistry? Absolutely none whatsoever!!! Evolution is now dead, exposed for what it is. A big con, based on just so stories of people trying to avoid the truth, and make a name for themselves in the process.

What Venter has proved is that to assemble the first simple DNA for the first cell, you need a team of highly skilled scientists, or just one who knows it all!

Evolutionary pride has come to its fall!!

References referred to:
ATP The Perfect Energy Currency for the Cell (Jerry Bergman) discusses this intricate and complex energy storage mechanism, necessary in its entirety for even the 'simplest' form of life to survive.

A full diagram of the ATP motor and its supply and controls, its proton power supply etc, as far as can be defined at present is at Also many other diagrams.

Ref 3. A discussion on the reason for us being on the earth.

Ref 4. A secure lifeline for your eternal future.


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