Purpose of evolutionary science
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The purpose of evolutionary science

The quest of evolutionary scientists is to discover something new to discuss, write about, and hopefully be the first to discover this and so attract research grants and be able to happily continue in research. Alternatively to discuss at length someone else's research and point out important points they missed, or link it to your own research to get more recognition and kudos, and bolster your chances of further research grants.

Seldom does it mean that evolutionary scientists actually produce something, as say a builder produces a building by his work, though some make replica fossils for museums etc. The discussion on a fossil can last for years, and in the end all that is produced is a fossil someone dug up, and many pages of discussion and "scientific" articles arguing the age, the classification, that it is, or is not, some other classification, and how does it fit into the evolutionary scenario. This new knowledge, though usually somewhat uncertain, helps evolutionists to grapple with the evolutionary paradigm and draw new cladograms, and evolutionary trees. But still this does nothing for industry or farming or welfare of the state, and this is not the main purpose of evolution, it may be the aims of individuals, but not the original overall purpose evolution.

There are many research grants for searching for fossils in areas likely to produce notable fossils, bigger, different, perhaps human related. Many are in very pleasant climates, provided you don't mind the heat, or cold, the snakes, mosquitoes, lions, other predators, and isolation. It can be an exhilarating expedition that relieves the monotony of lab work, keeping life interesting and profitable. A good teaching position in a university can be very rewarding, and though some may see this a their purpose for life with evolution this is not the main purpose of evolution.

The main purpose of evolution is that nasty vague feeling you may sometimes get, that if you cannot absolutely prove evolution to the extent that those darned ID people and the Young Earth Creationist / Christians have to give up all their silly claims, then, just possibly, perhaps there might be a XXX who makes rules and created the earth and us, to whom we must answer. This is almost the sole purpose of evolution, to raise a barrier between the XXX we don't want to mention, by a barrage of ideas, claims, statements of absolute certainty that only evolution can be true, to the extent that no-one dare look at the possibility that XXX is freely available for all who ask, and in fact is ever eager for fellowship with everyone who wishes to live in a way that is pleasing to him.

There is a very popular song that says "I did it my way" and that is what most of us want to do. I will be the best , I will climb to the top of the mountain, the corporate ladder etc, I will make a name for myself, I will climb over others to get what I want. The trouble is you are looking at the wrong things, it sounds alright, seems reasonable but just supposing that XXX is there and that he did tell you the truth that you are an eternal being, and therefore although you may die, you will always live in some form of consciousness, and if you have made a close friendship with XXX you can live in a wonderful place with him at his expense, but if not, you can have it your way and be far away from him, just as you have avoided him in this life. This is a truly immeasurable loss to you, which you can't understand unless you investigate whatever evolution is trying to hide from you. Most evolutionist just go along with the paradigm, but never check to see if it is true, but some groups are desperate to totally hide the most important, the most valuable information for your life from you. They don't want it, don't even know what it is, definitely don't want you to have it, because your exuberance might be seen by them, and they would be upset, because they have decided that nobody should have it, everybody should be restricted to their miserable mud puddle.

Evil is not taken into account when there is no law to show that it is evil. This is the aim of evolution, to so bury the evidence that there is no longer even a vague idea that there might be a law about our lives and behaviour. This leaves us, in our minds, free of all laws, free to do it my way, no need to ever feel that I have responsibility, for my mistakes or way of life. It's a dog eat dog world, survival of the fittest, or luckiest, and evolution has excluded XXX so that's no problem. That's the way many see life. As long as we can hold that perspective we can still feel OK, but often there is a feeling that there is no purpose to life, what is the point, evolution will still go on without me, I want something better, a good honorable purpose, something to be proud of. We still haven't excluded XXX just thrown so much mud that we have hidden him behind the mental mud heap in our minds, so we can't see him. So why do so many still claim that XXX is there and active in their lives, making them better personally, though not necessarily financially or in health? They are around the other side of the mud heap, and can fellowship with XXX, and have his compassion and guidance.

The whole purpose of evolution is so we can deceive ourselves and happily believe that we are entirely free from any laws or moral restraints, that is until we are called to give account to the one we have actually been avoiding. Right to the end we each wanted to do it my way instead of the right way. Now in this life is the time to do it right, ID is true, we have been designed, there is a maker and he wants our attention so gave us a Book 3000 years ago with prophesies of what would happen to him, how he would reveal himself to us and have the right to forgive us for our faults and shortcomings if we will repent and turn from evil and wrong attitudes. So turn away from evolution, it leads you in the wrong direction, to not caring for others, particularly other ethnic or cultural groups, to selfishness anger and separation from others and loneliness. You can still study fossils and write papers about them, their design and habitat, but realise that this is forensic science based on partial knowledge gleaned about the past, with many assumptions because critical information cannot be found, and so cannot be an exact science as operational science is, where tests can be redone and measured in the present without assumptions. If the Apollo Mission to the moon had been based on assumptions, as evolutionary science is it would have been a tragedy.

Two and a half thousand years ago XXX gave descriptions of how the world would be when the Jews returned to their homeland, and what would happen worldwide as we descend into a morass of evil as morals are abandoned and evil rulers try to take absolute control and form a One World Government, and dominate and enslave the masses, forcing all into One World Church or belief system that is evil. Read the last few Books of the Old Testament, starting from Daniel onwards. The Jews want peace but all sorts of lies and accusations are made against them, whenever they defend themselves against continual outside attack they get accused of starting the war, instead of praise for defending the only democracy in the Middle East. The trouble is that they are a very prominent reminder that there is a God to whom we must answer, and that Jesus, a Jew, is going to rule and reign the whole earth, not by the efforts of the Jews, they cannot control any more than their small country, but our Creator has determined that his Son will be the ruler, and there is nothing people can do to stop him. There will be claims that Jesus has come back and is sidekick to a world leader to rule a worldwide one religious belief "church" or religion, but that is not the true Jesus, he comes much later when the world is in total disaster, and humans have spent their all in trying to have absolute rule over everybody. Make peace with him promptly, accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, repent and turn away from all bad activity, ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and read the Bible. Start with John's letters then all the New Testament, and when you read the Old Testament take it as literally true and you will find that it makes more sense of our life and purpose than evolution ever could. Just do it sincerely, if you want proof, to settle the question of:- God or evolution?

God is kind and loving, forgiving many sins, but if you get on his wrong side he is very strict and has given clear warnings of disaster for those who hold him in contempt. He wants a close fellowship with everybody, a great variety of people for all eternity.

Jesus is the answer! Always!

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