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You have probably been taught that evolution has been proved beyond doubt, and it is only some of the details that have to be filled in. You should think very carefully about the reasoning given, as often in a different scenario the exact reverse reasoning is given as proof. Its a mix and match to make it appear that evolution is the only valid possibility for life and the enormous complexity in living things. You will probably have been taught to totally avoid any explanation that is not truly evolutionary, as anything that smacks of creation or intelligent design must be wrong, hence you will never find out the scientific claims of opposing views, so you cannot be in a position to actually decide which may be right. Nor do a whole lot of fairy stories make up for the lack of scientific evidence, but it does sound nice, and interesting, and many people make a living out of dreaming up better stories, and berating others because they see problems with evolutionary claims

The only reason I can see for believing in evolution is it helps your conscience feel that it is free to make any choice you want. There is no scientific reason for believing in evolution, in fact many of the claims are so ridiculous that it would be obvious to most people who investigate both sides of the debate that the theory, to a large extent, is just a ridiculous joke. No matter what you want to believe you can find people who will believe the same. If you want to believe that theft is OK, or illicit drugs, sex outside of marriage, abortion etc. you can find plenty of people who agree with you, but that doesn't make it right.

Your conscience usually knows what is right (unless you have trained it to accept some particular idea) and it often will trouble you. This is where evolution theory comes into its own. You can train your conscience to accept that life is an accident, there are no morals, laws, or even a God to answer to, and that you have the right to determine your own morals irrespective of the rest of society. Eventually your conscience will give up and you will feel free to follow your own whims. But still it doesn't make it right, you have no standards to reference your morals against, just the ever shifting and degrading standards of society.

This is why you need to research both sides of the debate, because if evolution fails to stand up to scientific analysis, there is only one option left. This is why some are vehemently evolutionist, because otherwise their conscience would trouble them greatly. By getting other people to believe in evolution also, they make themselves feel more confidant that they are right and evolution is true. This is why they try so hard to stop the scientifically accurate claims of creation being taught in schools and the media, they want to drown out the nagging reminders that their belief is flawed. They won't study the other side of the debate in case they start feeling uneasy in their conscience. Because they don't investigate the alternatives, they don't find out that there is a cure for their conscience, if they want to put things into the right perspective.

God said He will give people up to their own bad morals, as He won't always strive to get them into a right relationship with Him. You ultimately have the choice, but in the end God has His choice, and He only looks after His friends throughout eternity. The rest live also, but not happily, unfortunately, so its worth investigating, when so much hangs in the balance.

Though I am absolutely convinced that the God of the Bible is there, and here, and that the prophesies for the present time are true, as their out workings are in the daily papers and news media, and are obviously leading up to the climax described in the Bible, I cannot prove to you that God exists. You always have the ability, no matter how convincing the evidence is, to say "so what", and ignore all the evidence. All the hundreds of prophesies of the past that have become so obviously true can be ignored. This leaves you with two options to chose from, either evolution or creation. You will never get an absolute proof of evolution as it is built on shifting sands, attempts at explanations that don't hold water, and are usually quickly disproved by some other evolutionist. The only way to get an absolute proof of creation is to take a leap of faith, repent and ask God to forgive you, to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and accept Jesus as your saviour. It may take a few days for God so see that you actually mean it, if you do. If you do it and get filled with the Spirit, you will have the most mind-boggling experience and will know for sure that God is there and did as the Bible says, created everything. Don't stop at that level there is much more you can aspire to. Then you will have the proof in yourself, and like me you wont be able to prove to anyone that God exists, since they don't have to believe what you say, it is your experience, not theirs, as evolution or other beliefs may be firmly entrenched in their mind, but they can be influenced by your behaviour.

What greater evidence could one give that there is a powerful awesome God in control of the world than raising someone from the dead? The Bible in Luke 16 V31 says "they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead". If someone prayed over a dead person and they came to life again then those who believed that the god life-force is in everything, trees rocks animals etc, would just explain it away as that person had managed to draw the life-force from the surroundings and installed it into the dead person, and so avoid any change to their belief. An evolutionist would equate this to the probability of chance events and reason that a most unlikely event had happened purely by chance and this would confirm their belief in random chance events creating and even revitalising dead things, isn't nature wonderful? Of course a sceptic would "know" that the person could not have been completely dead, no matter how many doctors stated that they were irrevocably dead. You wouldn't have to believe it as you could always make up some alternative explanation to keep your own belief system intact, explaining it all within your own paradigm.

Why is it alright to teach children that their pets go to a pet heaven when they die, but then deny that humans have an eternal life after this one? Why should we miss out when our dogs and cats and horses don't? We tell them that Father Christmas comes down the chimney, but don't tell them that God's Holy Spirit can come through any wall or obstruction, and be with you for all time. We don't tell them that they are greatly loved by God, who wants their companionship for all time, in heaven. We do tell them that they are "just an accidental result of evolutionary processes", that there is no purpose to life, nothing matters in the end. Then we wonder why they are depressed, suicidal, on drugs, won't work, are rude and selfish, spiteful, and don't care about life. They only want excitement or what pleases them, even at the expense of others. Why not tell them the good news? That they are loved, valued, and have a great purpose in life, and the future? Help them on the way to have an enjoyable and meaningful life.

Comments, criticisms and suggestions gratefully received.
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