pre-Cambrian and intermediates will never be found

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Why are all the intermediates between species missing, and also why are the Cambrian Precursors Missing??
How did the Cambrians spring up so suddenly from nothing ?

After 150 years of dedicated research by thousands of dedicated evolutionists, no undeniable intermediate between species has been found. Nor has any precursor to the Cambrian fossils, dinosaurs birds etc, been identified, or intermediates between them. This is a problem considering Darwin's confident declaration that " If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down".Darwin's Black Box p39

The "Cambrian Explosion", as it is often called, is only an "explosion" in terms of millions of years, when within a geologically short time a plethora of creatures and plants suddenly appeared without precursors. This seemed to infer that there was a time when there was a sudden increase of various types of life, more plant, animal, and sea life, preceded by virtually nothing but simple bacteria. What triggered this sudden increase, a spontaneous flash into totally new creatures, diversifying rapidly, a process which does not continue today, as no new creatures are suddenly coming forth? What if it was not an "explosion", not a burst of new genetic design information like feathers, horses, elephants, dinosaurs, or characteristics not seen before. Are there other possibilities that could give a gradual build-up, and not leave a succession of intermediate fossils?

Stephen J Gould wrote "The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology". (rarity = 0 transitionals)
Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, 6th ed., Ch.10, para.1 "Why then is not every geologic formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely-graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory."  This seems to be a major concern of many scientists

But more than a century and a half after Darwin, after many failed attempts to discover, and explain away, the missing fossil ancestors, and after discoveries in molecular and developmental biology have revolutionized our understanding of the complexity of animal life, continuing to regard the Cambrian explosion as merely a niggling problem for established theory - a lone question mark or negative clue - now seems not so much cautious, as simply unresponsive to the evidence.1
The animal forms that arose in the Cambrian not only did so without any clear material antecedent; they came on the scene complete with digital code, dynamically expressed integrated circuitry, and multi-layered, hierarchically organised information storage and processing systems.  Is it time to consider a different causal history?1

We can't find the intermediates between species that would prove evolution, and also cannot find the precursors to the plethora of the Cambrian fossils that show a sudden "explosion" in geological terms of a great variety of new forms of life from nothing, but some micro-organisms.

S.C.Todd, Kansas State University: "Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such a hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic."
Dear S. C. Todd, it can still be factual. Suppose God were to visibly stand before you and invite you to come to Heaven, you would have to say " I cannot come with you because you are not naturalistic." The logic is like a Frenchman coming to NZ and refusing to use our money, as it is excluded, because it's not French. Witches, wizards and Satan worshipers will assure you that there is a spiritual realm you cannot test in the laboratory. You should only test it with the life spirit within you that can respond to God's guidance and love, beware of the dark side. Try it, ask Jesus!

Paul Davies: "How did stupid atoms spontaneously write their own software.. . ..? Nobody knows....." " ....there is no known law of physics able to create information from nothing...." so physics didn't do it."
Comment: What could have supplied the information for the physical design and also the matching mental program to use the new features, and then manipulated the chemistry into life, if physics cannot do it? A higher spiritual life form beyond our understanding perhaps?

Volcanic eruptions
Evolution is based (or was) on the uniformitarian belief, that "the present is the key to the past." (Huttonís (1795) and Lyellís (1830) uniformitarianism versus Cuvierís (1818) catastrophism) The last great volcanic eruption was Mt St. Helen which blew out a large part of the mountain and destroyed a very large area. There are other volcanoes that from time to time put out lava and ash clouds that are a danger to aircraft. The biggest in history was the 1783 Laki basaltic eruption in Iceland it produced extreme cooling over northern Europe and resulted in widespread famine. 2Yet this eruption, possibly the largest since the Ice Age, is at 15km3 of basalt, two orders of magnitude smaller than many ancient continental flood basalts! So if that is the largest eruption in the "present" , and we use that to judge the past by, then what about the larger eruptions in the distant past?

Some ancient volcanic eruptions were two orders of magnitude larger than any historic event, giving striking confirmation of rapid catastrophic geological activity in the past. Some major flows, with individual volume up to more than 2,500 km3, produced a total volume of 148,600 km3, some for a linear distance of some 600km.3 Whole sequences must have built up rapidly, evidence of time gaps between sequences is lacking. It looks like the world had an unimaginably huge catastrophe!

Plate Tectonics & earthquakes
The Cambrian fossils have been laid down by catastrophic floods, so let's look at what happened to see its effect on life, and our understanding of evolution.
There was a great flood, earthquakes and tectonic upheavals and after all signs of life have been washed off an original area of land, forming layers with Cambrian fossils, probably on the sea floor (later lifted up to create land and mountains), further continued violent erosion from the same area would lay down clean sediment, free of fossils which scientists would confuse with pre-Cambrian layers even though they may be interspersed with layers of Cambrian fossils. This would be due to the random nature of catastrophic plate tectonics sweeping material from different sources. Also the random nature would enable mobile animals to escape to areas of mud that were exposed between tides or tsunami, it was not necessarily geologically active over the whole world, collectively, during the same week or month, but in different areas. Animal tracks and fossils are in many of the layers, but it is not where they lived, just how they were escaping the flood.

There are sedimentary layers even hundreds of feet thick laid down continuously from Mexico to Canada, a feat requiring a massive continuous flood, and a massive supply of similar material for the whole layer, no floods that we have today could even do one thousandth of that, so an important period of the past was totally different to the present. The whole fossil record is best explained by just one worldwide catastrophic quick series of floods, earthquakes and tectonic upheavals, in a short time, such as in just one year, and followed by minor local floods, by comparison, right up to the present.

A multitude of Catastrophic Flood stories
Ancient Chinese Flood Legend
The ancient Chinese characters which can be traced back to around 2500 BC reveal a record of a vast flood, the waters reached the sun and covered the mountains.4

There are some 500 flood stories worldwide, but virtually none of them give you any teaching on morals or guidance for your life and future, just some amusing stories for the children, with most, the reason for the flood is lacking and many details are ridiculous: in the Gilgamesh Epic the boat was a cube. That is a ludicrous shape for a ship, only in the Bible is there any purpose.5

Probably the original land was flat with few minor hills, as there had been no tectonic activity, except "let land appear", (v9) and there was plenty of water to cover the whole earth if the seafloor was brought up and mountains pushed down level, there could be over two kilometers depth of water covering the globe, but now the water is in deep oceans. "But they deliberately forget that long ago by God's word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water. By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed." 6

The Biblical Account
Moses edited Genesis from clearly much more ancient documents, possibly from some Noah had, or as dictation from God. The Biblical account is authoritative and coherent giving accurate details that are always reasonable in the context of the overall story, and explains the reason for the flood. The creation of life and the flood are an integral part of its teaching.7

So If we take the Bible as the best explanation of the world history, then everything was made very good. God created directly, with no precursors, all the original plants, fish, animals then humans. The growing conditions were perfect, and everything multiplied rapidly. The land may have been very flat, no tectonic upheavals to make mountains of any note, there was only one land mass, probably preceding Gondwanaland, which would enable life to spread to every area. Before the "flood", there was perhaps a thousand five hundred years since creation, which gave time for the population to greatly increase and for some variation limited to within species, as at present, as each were created separately on the set themes, ie for birds, for quadrupeds, butterflies dinosaurs etc.

As the earth had the best weather (a mist watered the land: KJV Gen2v6), many animals (without the eternal life that God breathed only into mankind) may have died, but with no floods or silt and debris there would be no fossils, as everything would decay on the surface or sea floor, and be scavenged by other life or decayed by bacteria.

Effects of the flood
Polystrate tree fossils can straddle layers said to span millions of years. Millions is not true. The tree would have rotted in a hundred years. Dinosaurs etc may escape the tides onto sedimentary layers that had been raised up and had some breathing space until the next flood surge. God would take care that the ark floated in a peaceful area.

We have a plethora of fossils attesting to the great variety and beauty of created life on the earth at that time, before the flood, but unlikely to leave any significant number of pre-flood fossils. Some, such as butterflies, have hundreds of species, but no intermediates or precursors.

There are hundreds of species of ants which would have to have a basic representation for their various types on the Ark. Fire ants are represented by over 200 species of Solenopsis. Some can form into clumps and float on flood water for a few days.
Leafcutter ants could probably be represented by two colonies since they all use the family Lepiotaceae, of fungus, but their program for gardening and protection duties are specific to each of the four castes in each species, and could not accidently re-program from a non-gardening species because of the specialised inherent program that cannot come from other ants. There is no way that evolution could write a highly complex mental program, governing the thoughts and interaction of a species with a vastly different lifestyle and nesting habitat to any previous species.

There is not enough time for any evolutionary guess work and trial over generations to bring ants to their specialised form and programs in the 4-5 thousand years since the ark. All species are firmly set in their ways. If evolution was involved they would be still evolving, but as ants found in amber show that the species have never changed they must have been fully designed and permanently fixed for all species on Day 6 of Genesis. Since evolution would take millions of years, and trillions of failures, and perhaps never accidentally get a viable new species then the Ark must have had on board the breeding stock of every land and flying creature that lived after Noah's flood, since none could have evolved in the time since, without being still evolving, for which there is no evidence..

The fossil deposits are not a record of the sudden emergence of new life but with all the previous evidence and history gone due to the world wide flood, it makes it appear that there was a sudden bursting forth of new life, never seen before, since there are no precursors lower down. Actually it is a record of life existing at that time, as it had proliferated, laid down in death for all time as a record of the great flood's devastation and extinction.

Start of life
The reason that the intermediates that Darwin postulated should be found, linking all life to a common original primordial simple life, cannot ever be found, is that God created by decree, declaring the complete creature, fully designed, without trial versions. By establishing a basic plan for, say, a horse, then adapting it to make a donkey, and then also a zebra, etc, they are still close enough genetically to interbreed for one generation. He made other animals on the same general plan. Similarly tigers, leopards, panthers and lions were made off their same general theme, and the theory scaled down or replaced for smaller cats. Some can interbreed, such as lions and tigers produce ligers, Again there are no precursors, no first attempts, no intermediates, each version of the theme was complete, a separate species, not related except for being a version off the basic blueprint for that theme, such as for two, four, six, eight legs etc., farm and wild animals etc.

Dogs didn't necessarily evolve from wolves, but from the same general plan, with a bit more social attitude towards humans (perhaps God knew that Adam would need a friend after the kerfuffle that would eventually come, over the forbidden fruit. I think that for God's plan to work Adam and Eve had to sin before having children so we would all be born unrighteous and need a saviour, hence the tree with beautiful forbidden fruit. "you will surely die" but what threat is that since nothing had died by that time?)

Apes, monkeys, etc. and human DNA
When comparing ape/monkey DNA with human DNA, it was done in sections, and a place in the human DNA is found that matches, or nearly so, but it need not be in the proper sequence, and ultimately human DNA is still erroneously involved in the final calculation. The original claims of similarity were based on randomly finding some matches for the sections copied from ape/monkey that were not necessarily involved in the same functions in humans, a bit like finding some similarity between your phone number and that of a terrorist, and therefore you are involved in terrorism, matching up short pieces of DNA from apes with the DNA of humans is totally illogical of the DNA also. Now that it is researched more scientifically the estimates of similarity are down to 85% or even 75%. Obviously we must have a lot of similarity as we eat similar foods and breath the same air, and have to move about, but humans were made with better understanding and planning abilities, and based on the image of God, not from the same general physical plan as apes etc, but a new starting point. God said "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness," "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." 10 We are made to a higher standard and purpose, to become friends with God. We did not evolve from any ape/monkey, but were created separately by God's decree, declaring the complete human species separately, one species capable of all the colour variations embedded in the DNA, and also given an eternal spirit, which other creatures don't have.

Whatever you study, ants, moths beetles, deer farm and wild animals, etc, they all keep themselves as separate species, within their theme, without any sign of intermediates connecting them to others of what would seem to be closely related species, which would be true of God creating them each outright, by decree, as separate species of many types each of ants, or of moths, or of beetles, farm and wild animals etc. Darwin's evolution is disproved from total lack of the evidence that Darwin postulated would prove evolution, or that failure of the evidence to show fine graduations connecting each line of decent would disprove his theory. The evidence has totally failed the evolutionary hypothesis, as there is no trace of connection between different species showing their evolutionary path. Life cannot start accidently from random dirty chemicals! Clean chemistry must be forced into the formats required for each protein etc, then joined together and imbued with life, whatever life is.

How many animals on the ark
The problem I see is that God stopped creating at the end of day 6, so after the ark, where did the extra design information come from, if there were only a few species on the ark, as some claim, and how could it rapidly develop new species, to produce more species or varieties of whatever species you consider, if there were only a few types on the ark. Most of the cat species have been known for over 3000 years, lions etc are mentioned in the Old Testament, and ancient history, this gives them only about 1000 years to produce lions, tigers etc from small cats, (or large), that many assume were the only ones on the ark. This does not give time for evolution to add, or breed in, the changes, after the ark landed, which evolution cannot do of course, and God is not creating new creatures, which means that a very large variety of cats, farm and wild animals, birds and all other creatures, were on the ark, all that we have now and many more that have gone extinct since. The ark was huge and racks would supply many sleeping places

As they all arrived about the same time to board the ark, none would regard the ark as their own personal territory, so all would be "socially inclined", God probably made them drowsy, and to settle down peacefully and sleep most of the time. Even if God had put an enormous variety of DNA into a few, to enable new varieties later, there is not enough time, or generations, since the ark for them to arrive at new features, and not be still evolving them. It would take many generations as only a small change could be made without danger of extinction in each step, but some designs involve such different mechanisms that they would come to an impasse and fail due to conflicts of design. For example the avian lung verses the animal bellows type lung cannot evolve one into the other, as there would be a situation where neither system worked.

The ark was huge and could hold thousands of animals, most are small, even dinosaurs hatch from eggs no larger than a football, so many baby dinosaurs, about the size of a dog, could sleep in small spaces, in racks like large pigeon holes, as many other creatures would. All would be plant eaters, and it was only after the ark landed that they were allowed to eat meat. "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it."8

These Cambrian fossils are the very last of the pre-flood, pre-Cambrians, created fully functional, without precursors, alive and well, until overtaken by the great flood, the only record of life in the thousand five hundred years of prolific growth before the flood, set permanently as a record and warning that God will not tolerate what he sees as detestable behaviour. By calling different layers Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic you fix millions of years in your mind, and therefore see them, but it's just days or weeks between layers, swept by different turbulent catastrophic events from different areas. You cannot successfully, convincingly, poke millions of years into a one-year flood history.

The often used Richard Lewontin's quotation needs some explaining
"Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science ( meaning historical science which cannot be observed in action, cannot be tested in the laboratory in historical time, but only in the present, with no reliable record of human observation in the ancient past, leaving you free to make up your own fairy tale. ) in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so-stories, because we have a prior commitment to materialism.(a personal decision to avoid God and his guidance for a better life) It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a divine foot in the door."9

Lewontin knows the divine foot is at the door, with love and compassion, but desperately holds the doors of his mind and heart shut, lest he has to change for the better.

Don't block out the eternal truth of God's love and compassion. Accept Jesus as Lord and the love of God will give you a wonderful new appreciation of life and your reason for living.

What Jesus did for you
passover events  The details of the week Jesus was crucified so he could pay for our faults, if we accept his offer, and he will give eternal entry to a wonderful Heaven. Accept his offer! It may cost you everything, in some countries your life, but you get everything that is important and eternally valuable!
4days  A shorter version of the main four nights, Last Supper, three nights in the tomb, that fits an A4 sheet, for giving to others.

Francis Crick famously admonished biologists to "constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved". Can he quote just one clear case of random mutations producing a superior species? Nobody else can! This is just his personal choice that he wants to force on others, or else they might point out design and its source, and upset Crick's cosy hide-away from the God who will judge him. Why then is design so evident in every creature, so that it can hardly be missed, and many designs are being copied from life to improve optics, radar, and many other things, because life has so many wonderful design features we can learn from, none faulty except for genetic mistakes that have happened in succeeding generations, copying mistakes that evolutionists claim caused the great improvement from slime to humans, but the expected intermediates are always missing, and genetic errors actually cause extinctions of many species.

Following Genesis in the Bible fits everything comfortably into just 6000 years, and the end-time prophesies are now closing off the plans God has written as a 6000 year play.

Intelligent design constitutes the best, most causally adequate explanation for the origin of information and circuitry necessary to build the Cambrian animals, and is a full and complete explanation covering everything. A mind is the only known source for information for creating anything. The Cambrians were designed about 1500 years earlier, about 6000 years ago, as were humans, pterosaurs and dinosaurs,11 and all flourished until the world-wide flood came, and their fragments and fossils are scattered throughout the fossiliferous layers of the earth.

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